During the summer of 2006, two separate groups of GW seniors—Lehman Brothers interns Julie Beggans and Desiree Shapouri and Bear Stearns interns Katie Considine and Samara Daniels—conceived an organization for undergraduate women interested in pursuing professional careers. The two groups of students approached the School of Business in the early fall about the possibility of starting the organization. In the spirit of cooperation and recognition that working together would strengthen and improve the success of the endeavor, the two camps united to bring GW Women in Business to campus.

Since its beginning, GWWIB has been supported by some great alumna. One alumna in particular has been very supportive of GWWIB is Allison Mulhearn, GWWIB’ 09 alumna. Allison has continuously champion GWWIB through her involvement in our Annual New York Networking Trip, delivering an empowering speech at our first NYC GWWIB Alumna Reception and returning to GW to attend our staple events like the Annual Spring Conference. Once again, Allison will be a bigger part of GWWIB by coming back to campus for what will hopefully be our Annual GWWIB Founder’s Day, an opportunity for GWWIB members to connect and learn more about our founders “where they were then and where they are now.” Along with Allison, Shalya Stewart another one of the original founding Board members of GW Women in Business will be returning to campus.

Both Allison and Shalya were on GWWIB Board from 2007-2009. Once they left GWWIB, they felt like they were missing their supportive group of women they surrounded themselves with at GW, so they started United Women in Business, an organization that “serves members through educational programming and professional development events, philanthropy opportunities, and special membership events in order to help members excel in their own careers, make lasting connections, and inspire others.” UWIB has chapters in NYC, Chicago and DC to learn more click here.


The mission of GW Women in Business (GWWIB) is to provide undergraduate women of all GW schools, with the necessary resources to excel in the workforce; aiming to foster a network where members can learn and grow through our main focus areas: Careers, Connections, and Community.


We strive to cultivate a culture that builds, supports and empowers our members in their pursuit of personal and professional aspirations.

Through GW Women in Business, we strive to bring together women from all majors, career interests and aspirations to provide them with the skills necessary to achieve personal and professional success. When moving into the professional world, we hope our members will take with them the professionalism skills, networking skills, and connections with empowering women that they have cultivated within GWWIB into their future careers and to always remember to lend a helping hand to other women as they rise to the top and break the glass ceiling.  

The Purpose of Values

“Over time, leadership will change, our society will change, but at the core of all this change we will still have our values” - Gini Rometty, CEO of IBM

The purpose of our values is as follows:

  • Define GWWIB’s identity

  • Guide GWWIB’s decision making


GWWIB Values

GWWIB Community - First and foremost, we are very appreciative and thankful for our members whom without we would not be able to build this community of women that supports each other and cheers each other along the way as they break the glass ceiling.

Confidence - Be fierce, be confident! GWWIB through our programming aims to help prepare our members to grow professionally and personally, so they feel confident in that internship or job interview. Practice is key to building confidence, GWWIB’s workshops, general body meetings and committee opportunities help dispel our members’ concerns.

Empowerment - Through our events, we aim to empower our members. We encourage them to reach out for that informational interview, take that challenging class and most importantly, provide them with a network of women who they can consult and ask for guidance along the way to accomplishing their personal and professional goals.

Leadership - We help our members harness their leadership potential that they apply in the classroom through team projects and in GWWIB through our Ambassador Program, Gala committee and Spring Conference committee positions. Through GWWIB leadership opportunities, we hope to enable our members to utilize the skills they have acquired into any respective industry.