Recruiter Panel

On February 25th, GWWIB hosted a recruiter panel with representatives from Atlantic Media, Deloitte, the US Chamber of Commerce and The representatives included recruiters and recent graduates who shared their perspectives on a wide range of topics, which included effective networking, improving resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, and several other topics. 

Regarding resumes and cover letters, the panelists agreed that it is important to tailor both to a specific position and to be clear and concise. For phone and Skype interviews you must prepare in advance and treat it like an in person interview. When beginning the job search, the panelists all agreed that is important to be yourself and to get to know the culture and people at the companies you are interested in working for. When applying for jobs it is also necessary to keep an open mind and not to limit yourself.

The most valuable piece of advice the panelists gave the audience is to utilize as many resources as possible. By seeking mentors, doing research, reaching out to peers and building a network, you will optimize your career search and set yourself up for long-term success.

-Lauren Shaoul