GW Women in Business Executive Board Position Descriptions 2014-2015

Please be aware that all positions require a minimum commitment of 10 hours/week on average. It is important to reiterate that a candidate will be considered based on the individual’s personality, skill sets, past leadership experiences, active GWWIB involvement, and other outstanding qualities that will contribute to the student organization as a whole.


The President oversees the executive board of the organization. Her responsibilities include: planning weekly eboard meetings, maintaining relationships within the university, holding weekly office hours and overseeing the events of the organizations. The skills necessary for this position include strong organization skills, public speaking, ability to lead, empathy, and an ability to execute the mission and vision of the organization.


The Executive Vice President has a broad array of responsibilities to support the organization. Expectations of the position include: representing GWWIB at university events, developing a strategic plan with the president, supporting the executive board on specific projects and conducting logistical/administrative tasks. These logistical tasks include overseeing event programming, the weekly calendar, corresponding with GWWIB’s staff advisor, and taking minutes at weekly meetings. The EVP needs to be flexible, have strong time-management skills, leadership experience, ability to work in a team and an enthusiasm for GWWIB's success.


The VP of Finance is required to budget and keep records of the organization's two revenue accounts in order to ensure GWWIB has the necessary funds to finance two of its largest annual events-- the New York trip and the Spring Conference. The position also requires a considerable amount of flexibility and time as most of the work is done independently and will require good communications with almost everyone on e-board. The position also brings in funding by filling out co-sponsorships, and discovering and taking hold of opportunities at and beyond GW. This VP will need to have had experience working with the CSE finance department and have basic knowledge of EAFS, reimbursement processes, etc.


The Vice President of Corporate Relations is the liaison between GW Women in Business and all corporate contacts; she must maintain the corporate contact database, maintain relationships with

GWWIB's contacts and work to create new contacts. She is the direct point of contact between any representative of a company and GWWIB. Additionally, she is responsible for corporate sponsorship: ensuring that the sponsorship packet is up-to-date and that a company who makes a donation to GWWIB receives the benefits outlined in the corporate sponsorship packet. The VP of Corporate Sponsorship also assists New York Trip planning and Spring Conference planning, by connecting each team with the appropriate GWWIB contacts. The VP of Corporate Sponsorship needs to be a go-getter, professional, organized, and able to maintain relationships, as well as foster new ones.


The Vice President of Communications supports the organization by executing all promotional and marketing materials and overseeing the Ambassador Program. There are two directors that support the VP of Communications (Digital Media and Marketing Materials). Expectations of the position include: Overseeing and delegating work to directors and Ambassadors, updating Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), creating weekly newsletters, emailing listserv as necessary, developing a strategic plan with the directors for a cohesive marketing campaign across all mediums (logo, Facebook, Twitter, website, flyers, palm cards, and email), being able to solve any problems that arise with these media outlets, and supporting the executive board by promoting GWWIB events. The VP of Communications needs to be a self-starter, work both independently and in a team, know how to delegate work, and communicate with the E-Board as necessary, be flexible, understand how to effectively create a brand, and understand marketing via social media, graphic design, emails, and website creation.


The Vice President of Membership is in charge of all correspondence with new members. The position requires the officer to hold weekly office hours so that current and potential members have the opportunity to come in and ask questions about the organization. The officer must be organized in keeping up with the records of current members. One is also in charge of collecting all new member dues as well as the applications from new or returning members. On a constant basis, the officer must maintain an accurate list serve with all current members, as well as update the member-access database. The VP of Membership also oversees and works with two directors (Alumni Relations and Philanthropy). This VP needs to be charismatic, promote GWWIB on campus, and able to foster relationships with members.


The New York Trip Chairs are responsible for planning and coordinating a two-day trip to New York City. The trip entails making site visits to various companies in order to learn more about specific industries. The chairs are responsible for making all travel and hotel arrangements. Traditionally, GWWIB holds an alumni-networking dinner for all trip attendees the first night in New York. Additionally, New York chairs will collect resumes and conduct interviews of members who are interested in attending the trip. The New York Trip Chairs work with two directors throughout the process, who assist with the logistics and planning of the trip.


The Spring Conference Chairs are responsible for planning all aspects of the annual conference including, but not limited to, organizing space and logistics, inviting speakers, fundraising and managing a budget, and overseeing the creation of promotional materials. They work closely with the VP of Corporate Relations, VP of Finance, and the President in allocating funds from corporate

sponsors and university channels to the conference. They are in charge of establishing and communicating with the conference committee, made up of GWWIB members. There are three directors that support the conference chairs, and they are responsible for overseeing logistics/food, networking, and public relations and media.


The Director of Alumnae Relations is responsible for managing the GWWIB Alumni database and fostering relationships with alumni. This includes planning and hosting small events that encourages networking relationships between current GWWIB members and those who have graduated.


This Director of Marketing Materials is responsible for creating event flyers, updating the website, putting together the Briefcase newsletter, working with the Communications team to produce promotion strategies for bigger events, and helping other Directors and the VP of Communications with any outstanding tasks. The director needs to be creative, organized, able complete tasks in a timely manner, and able to work both independently and in a group. Most importantly, this director needs to have an aesthetic eye for design and creating promotional materials.


The Director of Digital Media is responsible for updating the GWWIB Facebook page, Twitter account and website ( This individual works closely with all members of the GWWIB Executive Board to ensure consistent and accurate information is conveyed in a timely manner. The director needs to be proficient in various social media platforms, with strong communication and organizational skills, and able to work both independently and in a group.


The Director of Philanthropy is in charge of reaching out and helping the larger DC community. This position requires maintaining the mentorship program with School Without Walls students, as well as fostering new relationships with non-profits in the area to create new events. The Director of Philanthropy must be a self-starter with a desire to get involved with the larger DC community.