Personal Branding

On November 10th, GWWIB hosted a Personal Branding event with GW Advisor Joel Renner and Tod Plotkin from GreenBuzz Agency. Tod Plotkin is a proud GWSB alum who now works at GreenBuzz Agency, a video production agency. The event was geared towards demonstrating how students can sell their skills both in person and online.

Plotkin had a lot of great insights that provided attendees with important business world tips. The majority of his presentation was focused on in-person networking. Plotkin stated the importance of recognizing your goals and what you want to articulate as your greatest strengths. As you go into a networking event, it's important to trade business cards and schedule a follow up meeting. 

The next part of the presentation was headed by Advisor Joel Renner, who focused on the importance of online networking, especially through LinkedIn.  According to Renner’s research, 94% of all employers use LinkedIn, further emphasizing how useful LinkedIn is for networking and in the job search. He focused on the importance of creating a catchy headline and a summary that highlights your strengths. The point is to give information and descriptions that gravitates towards who you are as a person and what you want to get across to future employers.

If you are more interested, you can contact Joel Renner at and Tod Plotkin at

-Priyanka Walimbe