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General Members

  • Access to all GWWIB exclusive events

  • Discount for our annual Spring Conference

  • GWWIB annual swag item



Blue & Gold Members

  • General Member benefits and...

  • Access to exclusive networking events 

  • Exclusive social events

  • Exclusive access to GWWIB Board, alumni, and UWIB

  • Exclusive swag item

  • Online recognition

The Blue & Gold Program

The Blue & Gold Program is comprised of an exclusive group of our members who are eager to learn, grow, and lead in and outside of GWWIB. By demonstrating a strong sense of passion for GWWIB's mission, we reward these members with extra professional programming and exclusive mentorship benefits. 

Mentorship in Blue & Gold entails the opportunity to connect with GWWIB Board members, featured GWWIB alumni, and our partner professional organization, United Women in Business. These three groups serve as a strong source of both peer and professional mentors for our members to learn from and connect with.

Blue & Gold Membership Requirements:

  • Attend at least 3 GWWIB events this semester

    • Includes GBMs, professional events, leisure

  • Attend all Blue & Gold events

  • Must have completed at least one prior semester as a GWWIB member

  • Exhibit eagerness to learn, dedication, and respect towards guest speakers and other members

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Blue & Gold Members:

Rebekah Barnes, Elisabeth Buchwald, Devika Singh, Jodie Lian, Jenny Qian, Hannah Jackman, Sakshi Bhargava, Courtney Pellegrino, Amal Moosa, Kathleen Tuveson, Giuliana Sercu, Inna Kapoor, Leah Jakubovitz, Rachel Klein, Paige Stokols, Mayan Abraham, Nadine Burgos, Meaghan Gallagher, Anne Krumholz, Caitlin Ciano, Jacqueline Keliher, Madison Brown, Jeslyn Zakes, Katherine Scheuer, Lydia Igna, Caitlyn Phillips, Natalie Macius, Audrey Herberger, Carla Papetti, Erica Kim, Emmeline Lan, Jacqueline Frazee. Lavanya Bhatia, Juliana L Distant