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A summary of the differences between general membership and Blue & Gold Membership is below.

General Members

  • Access to all GWWIB exclusive events
  • Discount for our annual Spring Conference
  • GWWIB tank

Blue & Gold Members

  • Access to all GWWIB exclusive events
  • Discount for our annual spring conference
  • GWWIB Tank
  • Access to exclusive networking events 
  • Exclusive social events
  • Exclusive swag from GWWIB’s corporate sponsors
  • Mentorship program
  • Online recognition


The Blue & Gold Program

The Blue & Gold Program is a new and exclusive opportunity for GWWIB’s most active and dedicated members. The program is designed to build a strong community of women within the organization and provide them with special benefits as a reward for their commitment to GWWIB. Additionally, all Blue & Gold Members are a part of GWWIB’s mentorship program in which underclassmen are paired with upperclassmen in the program, and upperclassmen are paired with GWWIB alumni. 

A GWWIB member is eligible to become a part of the Blue & Gold Program for the Spring 2017 semester if they meet the following membership requirements during the Fall 2016 semester: 


  • Attend 4 events each semester (at least 3 of which must be professional)
    • If you are on the NY Trip, you only need to attend 3 events in total (at least 2 of which must be professional)
  • Be on financial good standing with the organization
  • Exhibit professionalism, interest, and respect towards guest speakers and other members



Congratulations to the Spring 2017 Blue & Gold Members:

Akina Judith Newbraugh, Amanda Morley, Anika Mian, Caitlyn PhillipsCalista Tavallali, Catherine Henry, Chelsea Miller, Devika Singh, Emma Cohen, Hailey Schaper, Jordann Smith-Kingston, Julianne Giarrantano, Katherine Moeller, Leah Levy, Leah Ramos, Lillian Twomey, Lydia Igna, Michelle Bryce, Paige Stokols, Rachel Klein, Sakshi Bhargava, Sara Gregg