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General Members

  • Access to all GWWIB exclusive events

  • Discount for our annual Spring Conference

  • GWWIB tank



Blue & Gold Members

  • General Member benefits and...

  • Access to exclusive networking events 

  • Exclusive social events

  • Exclusive swag from GWWIB’s corporate sponsors

  • Mentorship program

  • Online recognition

The Blue & Gold Program

The Blue & Gold Program is a new and exclusive opportunity for GWWIB’s most active and dedicated members. The program is designed to build a strong community of women within the organization and provide them with special benefits as a reward for their commitment to GWWIB. Additionally, all Blue & Gold Members are a part of GWWIB’s mentorship program in which underclassmen are paired with upperclassmen in the program, and upperclassmen are paired with GWWIB alumni. 

A GWWIB member is eligible to become a part of the Blue & Gold Program for the Spring 2018 semester if they meet the following membership requirements during the Fall 2016 semester: 


  • Attend 4 events each semester (at least 3 of which must be professional)

    • If you are on the NY Trip, you only need to attend 3 events in total (at least 2 of which must be professional)

  • Be on financial good standing with the organization

  • Exhibit professionalism, interest, and respect towards guest speakers and other members

Congratulations to the Fall 2017 Blue & Gold Members:

Lauren Anderson, Miranda Pollock, Hannah Jackman, Elisabeth Buchwald, Amal Moosa, Courtney Pellegrino, Caitlin Ciano, Olivia Hidey, Katie Tuveson, Inna Kapoor, Kathryn Wayman, Mayan Abraham, Caro Garcia, Giuliana Sercu, Jodie Lian, Leah Jakubovitz, Jenny Quian, Alana Gross, Bayley Shanley, Kayla Gubov, Caitlyn Phillips, Madison Tucker, Alyssa Bovitz, Devika Singh, Ayse Muratoglu, Emma Cohen, Hailey Schaper, Kat Moeller, Sakshi Bhargava, Bekah Barnes, Chelsea Miller