Third General Body Meeting:  “How I Landed My Internship Panel”

On Tuesday, January 11th, at 7 PM many new and old GWWIB members came out to Duques 451 to attend GWWIB’s Third General Body Meeting that featured a “How I Landed My Internship”Panel.  The Panel consisted of five GW students who have held interesting internships in fields ranging from politics to fashion.

Jen Gross, Jon Carfagno, Emily Wilson, Alyaa Haidari, and Marie Paoli composed the panel of interns and answered questions that benefited all members who attended.  Each panelist shared his or her own story about how they landed their internship and what steps they took to stand out from the rest of the applicants. Alyaa Haidari who interned for Four Seasons encouraged the audience to make personal connections while applying for internships and to send follow up emails the day of meeting with a potential employer.  All panelists promoted the use of GWork and persistence in order to find the right internship.

The panel then opened up for questions from the audience before the meeting was dispersed.  The panelists stayed after the meeting, and GWWIB members were able to personally connect with them and ask any more questions they had.  The “How I Landed My Internship” Panel was a definite success for all of those who attended, and I encourage all fellow GWWIB members to attend the next GWWIB event!