Deloitte Site Visit

Despite the rainy weather, members of GWWIB trekked out to Deloitte’s Rosslyn office. Kaitlin, our contact with Deloitte led us up to the 14th floor, where we spent the afternoon. During the visit, GWWIB had the honor of listening to two successful and inspiring women.

Carmen Medina was previously with the CIA for 32 years and is now a Specialist Leader at Deloitte and member of Deloitte’s Center for Federal Innovation team. She opened the conversation by explaining that at the tender age of 20, we have (approximately) a 50-year career ahead of us. This means that we have half a century to cultivate our interests, however, we should be tactful and clear about our goals so we don’t waste that precious time. Crazy think about, right? Carmen also explained that, as young professionals, our real value to an organization is the best of our ideas and ourselves; however, conveying our thoughts and ideas to our peers and supervisors could be the biggest struggle of our career. This is what we will navigate in our 50 years- how to thrive and add value to a company within the organizational culture that already exists.

Sally D’Amato, a Principle in US Federal Practice of Deloitte, picked up the conversation where Carmen left off. Sally primarily focused on our ideas: what to do with them, how to handle them when they don’t work out as planned, and how to get others onboard. While it’s important to push and test our ideas, Sally also mentioned to know when to let go of ideas. Why? Because you are always generating more ideas to get excited about. One of my favorite quotes from Sally is that “everyone is wise in his or her own perspective,” and that you will benefit from listening to others’ ideas, too.

These two brilliant and thoughtful women gave me a lot to think about. The most important thing I took away from Friday’s Deloitte Site Visit was that to be successful, one must be an innovator in his or her job and life. Innovation means constant change, new ideas and new opportunities. To stop innovating is to stop growing… And where’s the fun in that?

By: Katie Cartwright

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