Business Etiquette Workshop with Deloitte

On Monday, October 27, 2014, GW Women in Business along with representatives from Deloitte hosted a Business Etiquette workshop. The workshop welcomed both GWWIB members and nonmembers alike to come and learn more about Business Etiquette and Professionalism. The workshop was led by Deloitte employees Alexandra Bonvouloir and Jenny Soderbergh, both of whom are recent GW graduates.

The workshop began with an informal discussion on the importance of Business Etiquette. We learned that proper business etiquette can significantly impact how you and your abilities will be perceived in the future. Proper etiquette allows you to make a lasting impression, one that just may push you ahead of others.

The first part of the Business Etiquette presentation was devoted to first impressions. We learned how important it was to remember that how you look and what you say (and others say about you!) will affect people’s first impressions of you. Alexandra and Jenny also stressed online first impressions, something that in this digital age is very important. How you are perceived online could reinforce or undermine your professional credit. The second section of the presentation was devoted to appropriate communication and networking. Alexandra and Jenny discussed distinguishing between prepared and informal networking and the proper etiquette for both. Much time was also devoted to Email Etiquette. The presentation was followed by numerous questions ranging from interviews and business cards to the personal experiences job hunting of Jenny and Alexandra!

If you would like to get in touch with Alexandra Bonvouloir or Jenny Soderbergh to ask more questions about Business Etiquette or the Deloitte recruiting process you can contact them at and