A “Sweet” Start to the Spring Semester!


Tuesday, February 4th, GWWIB hosted a meet-and-greet event, Cupcakes and Conversations, in which new and old members could chat with each other as well as the e-board members over some delicious cupcakes.

The meeting began by unveiling some of the upcoming events that GWWIB has in store for this semester, including plenty of panels, a Deloitte site visit, and most excitingly… Spring Conference! If you’d like to get involved working on the Spring Conference, contact Alexandra Bonvouloir (abonvoul@gwmail.gwu.edu), Spring Conference Chair, to pitch in!

The second half of the event was a scavenger hunt! Who doesn’t love a good icebreaker?  Members were given a paper with lots of different characteristics, like “has green eyes,” or “has had more than three internships.” The first three members to have each of these boxes signed by other members won a prize. Congrats to our winning ladies: Nur, Molly and Amber!

Not to worry if you missed Cupcakes and Conversations! GWWIB has plenty more exciting events and opportunities where that come from… stay tuned!

By: Katie Cartwright

GWWIB CCAS Campas Ambasssador