Reflecting on My Time as an Ambassador

By: Amanda Gryga, GWWIB Ambassador

Coming to GW, I was automatically overwhelmed by the vast amount of student organizations and the variety of different fields in which they existed. I was automatically drawn to GWWIB for its goal of uniting driven women that have a common goal of success in their careers, as well as their undergraduate years. I wanted to be in an organization that would let me explore my abilities, receive mentorship from upperclassmen, and meet women with similar ideals.

I wanted to get more involved in GWWIB, and to do that, I applied for an Ambassador position. A GWWIB Ambassador is a freshmen or sophomore that works closely with the Executive Board to develop ideas, recruit new members, help out with events, and publicize the organization. What I realized throughout my time as an Ambassador, is that being an Ambassador is not just about completing those tasks, but also about making friends and connections that you can rely on for both career and interpersonal challenges.   

Looking at the Executive Board, I see the types of women I aspire to be, as well as the people I can turn to for advice about a class, a major, or college life in general. Attending the Board meetings, I have experienced first-hand the complexity of running such an organization, and how much communication and relationships are emphasized. Throughout observing and listening to what it takes to organize an event such as the Spring Conference, I have learned skills that I will take with me -hopefully to an Executive Board position in the future.

An unexpected bonus of this experience is the friendships I have made with the other Ambassadors. GWWIB works to unite women in ways that propel them towards their goals, but also give them a support system to fall back on. Each event or professional workshop I go to, I attend not only for the information and learning experience, but to be around the people.

I know that GWWIB has the potential to be even more powerful than it already is today; I am excited to see how it progresses, and how I can be apart of its growth in the future. GWWIB gave me the opportunity to be apart of something great, and I cannot wait to give back to and develop the organization throughout the rest of my undergraduate years. Becoming part of GWWIB creates lifelong connections, and my freshmen year would not have been the same without this incredible group of women.

[Editor's Note: Awwwwwww! GWWIB loves you too, Amanda!]