Power Your Purpose Reflection

By: Christina Giordano, SC Co-Chair

If you told me a year ago that i’d join a new student organization during my last year of college that would have such an impact on me, I would think you’re crazy. As I prepared for senior year, I was planning to stay committed to the organizations I had been a part of for years and having another student org be one of my big rocks** was not on my radar. (**Watch Tony Robbins’ TedTalk for my reference to big rocks and time management.)  

However, when I was approached about this new opportunity with the infamous GW Women in Business I couldn’t resist. I’m so grateful to have been the co-chair of GWWIB’s 8th Annual Spring Conference. I attended this event every year since being a freshman at GW but never realized how much work went into planning the conference. First of all, GWWIB is a well oiled machine and I can not even fathom what Danielle and I would have done if we didn’t have written best practices from previous co-chairs or our SOPs. We were also lucky enough to have Simran Mirchandani, GWWIB’s Director of Corporate Relations and former Spring Conference Co-Chair, on board so we were able to ask her advice about a variety of details about running the event. My favorite part of the planning process is definitely conducting outreach and finding the best speakers who fit the theme. This year’s theme was Power Your Purpose which aimed to encourage attendees to identify their strengths, discover their passions and select a career which fulfills both. Our keynote speakers: Margaret Ruvoldt, Ruth Zukerman and Kristy Dickerson shared their stories of how they constantly powered their purpose.

But not only were the incredible line up of 70+ speakers inspirational but the team we worked with really motivated me for the future. The Spring Conference Committee members and board members, especially veteran spring conferencers, were so dedicated to creating an outstanding event. I know if it wasn’t for GWWIB, I wouldn’t have met some awesome boss ladies on board. The Thursday night swag bag packing assembly line was such a fun experience and it really is amazing how all of the little pieces come together to create a memorable day long event from 8:00am-6:00pm, or for the planners (5:45am-7:00pm). After a year of planning, it felt like the day just flew right by.

Thank you to our awesome spring conference committee members, GWWIB board members, GW faculty/professors, and of course our corporate sponsors who contributed to the event. Without the hundreds of people who support GWWIB, we would not be able to spread the message of #PowerYourPurpose.