Gala Reflection

By: Medhavi Limbachiya

As an incoming Sophomore at GW, I wanted a place on campus that would give me two things: a community and professional development. Although I thought I would find that within GW through various clubs, organizations, and internships, little did I know that I could find those two qualities in one organization -- GW Women in Business.

I decided to become more involved in GWWIB this year by being a part of the Auction Committee for GWWIB’s Second Annual Gala. This committee of strong women gave me the opportunity to see how driven young women are. During one of the first Auction meetings for the Gala, I distinctly remember going around the table and having every member assert why they were there. Seeing students that were both older and younger than me that have dreams and aspirations to do big things gave me the motivation to strive for the best. From meeting the keynote speaker Lurita Doan to joining forces with other committees allowed me to see the bigger picture of what this event is all about: aiding women in the greater DC metro area facing economic and social challenges through Empowered Women International.

From then on, I realized what GWWIB is all about. Its not just a community or a resume builder, it’s a network of strong young women that are dedicated to empowering each other to be the best that they can be, and that is why I am a proud member of GW Women in Business.