GW Woman in Business

By: Deanna Stephenson

GW Women in Business. It's all in the name, I thought.

As a fall-semester freshman I joined because I fit that name. I’m a woman, at GW, studying business: it seemed obvious. What more could there be? I paid my dues, picked up my shirt and called it a day.

Cue the cliché, something was missing. I wanted to be involved, I wanted to hear GWWIB and think of hard work and personal accomplishments. I wanted it all to mean something instead of being a title that I thought only described the most elementary aspects of my professional life.

As a sophomore, I decided that in order to find the devotion and hard work I wanted to put into this organization, I could apply for a position on the GWWIB gala committee. This gala means the world to me, because I am able to see clearly each step in how we have built the event from the ground up. I remember the initial committee meetings where we delegated work for each of the four teams, creating a strong foundation of women devoted to making the gala a success.

The most exciting part of the process was meeting Lurita Doan, our keynote speaker, who sat down with our committee and told her distinguished story. While she spoke, I realized sitting next to me was a woman that embodied a successful business career, and has done so in a time where women couldn’t always pursue such careers.

I then could truly understand what GWWIB is and how its existence is meaningful: GW Women in Business is more than it’s name; it’s a network, a community where women are dedicated to encouraging and providing the means for young women to be passionate and professionally successful in the business world today.

My involvement stemmed from a desire to just do something, anything for this organization. I didn’t know why at first, but now I understand that it was a need to contribute to this message; to promote and encourage women in business. Joining the gala committee, I’ve been able to apply this inspiring message further, as our proceeds from the event go to Empowered Women International.

I’m a GW woman, in business, glad to be an active member in this organization and ecstatic to have played my part in putting on this wonderful event.