Women are the Future, Empowering the Women of Tomorrow

By: Ashley Ann Renz, Gala Committee Member

Last semester, starting at a college that is highly competitive both in terms of academic and professional standards, I grappled with where I was going to fit in. I knew what my end career goal was, I knew what I wanted my major to be, I knew I had ambition. I simply had no idea where to start. Then, I found a place that made GW feel a little more like home. Joining GWWIB my first semester has truly shaped my college life thus far. Right off the bat, I was connecting with women who were passionate, smart, and professional- all of the things I strive to be. To me, GWWIB isn’t just another student org. It’s a place where you can grow as a person, and as a working professional. I absolutely love the camaraderie and support system of this body of people. You can tell that the women of the Executive Board truly care about each and every member, taking the time out of their insanely busy schedules to help with anything and everything. It’s extremely unique to be in an organization that is so well-connected and professional, yet still maintains that “one big family” atmosphere. I could immediately feel this spirit at my first general body meeting in the fall. After attending a few events and getting to know more of the members, I knew that I had to be involved with GWWIB on a deeper level.

Applying to be on the committee for the 2nd Annual GWWIB Gala (Women are the Future, Empowering the Women of Tomorrow) stood out to me because I wanted to give back to the organization that has already given me so much. The night honors and celebrates all that GWWIB has accomplished this year, and rightfully so - the impressive achievements of this organization (and its members) deserve to be recognized! It’s been a long (but rewarding) few months of careful planning, preparation, and now that we’re in the final 10 days leading up to the event, execution! I am so grateful to get the chance to work and collaborate with so many inspiring women on this event each week- particularly our amazing gala chair, Isabel Bellino! I hope that all of you come out to what is sure to be a fantastic evening. Our keynote speaker, Lurita Doan, is a remarkable woman with an impressive career path- I know that she will inspire everyone as much as she has inspired me. So, get ready to have a great time at GWWIB’s final event of the year! Tickets here!