The Life of a GWWIB Ambassador

As a Sophomore Ambassador and member of the Spring Conference Logistics Committee, I have been able to learn so much more than I initially anticipated. Rewind to the beginning of this year, and I was applying to be an ambassador with the hopes of gaining leadership experience while contributing to an organization I was passionate about. As one of the largest student orgs on campus, working firsthand to plan events and learning about how the organization runs behind the scenes allowed me to see how well organized and committed all Executive Board members are. This entire organization is a true team effort, which makes being a part of Executive Board even more rewarding. I am so excited to continue to be part of GWWIB next year, and I encourage anyone who is passionate about supporting other women in business to get involved in a leadership position next semester.

By: Lucie Freeman, GWWIB Ambassador

I had the amazing opportunity to be a GWWIB ambassador as well as a member of the Spring Conference marketing team. Being an ambassador was so much more hands-on that I had originally thought and I learned so much from every task that our team took on. I’ve been in GWWIB since the beginning of freshman year, and so it was also interesting to be able to see how the organization is run from the inside. I highly recommend running for an ambassador position for freshman and sophomores of the organization, as it is a great way to earn leadership experience. I can’t wait to be a part of GWWIB next year and get to see what’s in store for the organization.

By: Kate Uesugi, GWWIB Ambassador