Jump In and Join

By: Camille Bartsch, GWWIB Ambassador

I remember walking into the first GWWIB general body meeting in September and looking into the crowd of girls without knowing anyone. I took my seat and watched as the presentation began, I immediately was mesmerized at the opportunities GWWIB offered. As a freshman, I took the same approach that I had high school and signed up for every club under the sun with the word “business” in it. Yes, that is usually a losing strategy, but it brought me to GWWIB, which I am so grateful for. I ended up pursuing the GWWIB ambassador program because I knew that it could help to make a big organization smaller. I wanted to know the women behind the organization, and more importantly, wanted to call them my friends, support system, and role models.

Being an ambassador for GWWIB allowed me to see how the organization is built thanks to the strong driven women behind it. The diversification of roles shows the range of opportunities GWWIB provides its members, whether that is the Annual New York Networking Trek in the Fall, the Spring Conference, the Gala, or all the networking events that fill in the gaps. The incredible exposure that GWWIB gives their members show the unbelievable networks that we have in place, and the encouraging and incredible support we have from employers, alumni, sponsors, and current students. As an Ambassador looking in, I saw that regardless of student involvement, GWWIB is an incredible resource on campus to find friends that share similar interests, or future mentors that can help you achieve those goals in the post-college world.

Looking back at my first year with GWWIB, I couldn’t be more excited to remain involved. GWWIB is truly the organization for all professional women whatever the personal interests or academic pursuit because working women in D.C. want to connect with motivated college women. With all the projects that I did in GWWIB over the year, whether that be social media updates, blog posts, coordinating for all ambassadors to interview working women in the D.C. for advice on pursuing internships and jobs, Spring Conference planning, and general board meetings, GWWIB gave me leadership opportunities that have brought me closer to the organization. I feel so lucky to have had this year serving on the board because it has motivated me to continue the traditions that GWWIB has and to increase the involvement from all women on campus.

My graduating class in high school was only 14 students. Coming into GW, I knew that the only way to truly become a leader was to find an organization that could welcome me into a close-knit group; and that was GWWIB. As the Spring semester ends and I reflect to the beginning of my freshman year, I remember that awe-struck first semester girl from Vermont who was just trying to find her place in the frenzied chaos. I truly encourage all students, especially freshman to join and get involved in GWWIB. Whatever the role, the more hands we have in empowering professional women, the stronger we will all be.