How Mentors Have Helped Me Power My Purpose

By: Christina Giordano, SC Co-Chair '17

“Empowered women, empower women”. My two big purposes right now are to plan a fabulous Spring Conference and to discover a full time job post graduation. Mentorship from successful and passionate females has been absolutely crucial to my motivation to power my purpose(s). For me, I thrive when I have someone or multiple people to look up to and have clear examples of individuals who are achieving their goals. A specific person that comes to mind is my boss Tammy Gordon, CEO and Founder of Verified Strategy. She started the social department at AARP and used her social maverick skills to launch her own digital communications consulting firm last year. I have no idea how she balances so many projects but one of the main takeaways from observing her work flow is that no woman is an island. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are and have different expertise. I’ve definitely applied this to planning the spring conference and utilizing the skills of my awesome team. Tammy developed a powerhouse group of five women who have diverse skills in developing analytics, writing copy and generating creative ideas. She is an advocate for women by providing mentorship and offering advice whenever needed. With countless moving pieces to her business, I’m proud to be one of the team members who's helping her share the value of social and digital strategy to our clients.

I’ve also have a group of female mentors who graduated last year or a couple of years ago who constantly provide advice when I’m a ball of stress about jobs, the Spring Conference or the future in general. It’s important to have your own little board of directors or sounding boards to keep you sane during the craziness. I think there’s often a stereotype that “mentors” need 20 or 10 years of experience to be helpful but mentorship comes in all different forms and just like other relationships, each connection is different. One of my mentors taught me how to be a good leader, by not micromanaging and trusting your team. She was the teaching assistant for one of my advertising classes and now works at a firm in NY. Another mentor, taught me the value of speaking up even when you feel you’re at a disadvantage in knowledge or you hear that small voice in the back of your head saying, “nah, don’t say anything. It’s too risky”. One more example, is someone who also graduated last year and she is always emphasizing the importance of working hard but not sweating the small stuff because it causes unnecessary worry.

I’m fueled by the fire these and other awesome female mentors provided during my life. They motivate me to power my purpose in planning the Spring Conference and finding a fulfilling job post graduation. As Sheryl Sandberg said in Lean In, “ We need to talk more about mentorships and sponsorships. Women don’t get the mentoring, and particularly the sponsors, they need to succeed as much as men”. This dynamic of cut-throat culture is starting to change but as young professionals are about to enter the real world in less than 4 years, we need to appreciate the women who’ve taken the time to provide their advice and best practices with us but also pass it along to other amazing females.  #WomenLeadership #PowerYourPurpose