Meet Georgie, GWWIB's Mascot

By: Katie J. Cartwright, GWWIB's VP of Communication

GWWIB was founded to help undergraduate women learn and grow through three focus areas, ones you’ve probably heard from us before: careers, connections, and community. Over the years, our members’ careers have thrived, and our connections have spanned across the country (the world, even). 

This semester, we introduced someone fabulous to our circle to continue fostering the sense of community within our organization: Georgie. If you’re part of our organization this spring, you likely received an invitation to be Georgie’s friend on Facebook and join her exclusive, members-only group. 

We know Georgie will be instrumental in continuing to develop a stronger community among our members. Think of Georgie as GWWIB’s new best friend - she has the inside scoop on all of GWWIB’s events, can answer all kinds of professional development questions and is excited to introduce you to other members. In time, we hope Georgie becomes an integral part of the GWWIB experience.  

Like any other lady just beginning to lead an exciting career, Georgie is still in the process of developing her personal brand. Help us define just who Georgie is at our Meet Our Mascot event on March 24th (don’t forget to RSVP here!).