Top 10 Reasons to Join Lyft Now!

By: Eman Salem, GWWIB Ambassador

You may have heard of the rideshare service Lyft before. Here’s 10 good reasons to join right now. 

1.  Free Rides For You! Support for GWWIB!

GW Women in Business has partnered with Lyft to give new Lyft members five free rides (each worth $10) with the code "GWWIB". This is awesome because every time you use one of your free rides, GW Women in Business (at no cost to you) gets $10! Joining Lyft now, and using the code “GWWIB” when you ride, is a great way to get free transportation around the city while also supporting your favorite student org on campus.

2.  Grocery Shopping!

Do you love stocking up on groceries for the week but hate the long trek home carrying your heavy grocery bags? Problem solved! Use one of your free Lyfts for the ride back to your dorm and avoid those grocery bag shoulder cramps.

3.  Going to Georgetown!

Yeah, I know it's not that far. But night, in the rain, in the snow, when it's below freezing and windy, when you need to get to Baked & Wired now...a free ride can be pretty tempting. And now there’s no shame.

4.   A Back Up for Uber!

If you are one of the many people who enjoy the quick, consistent, reliable service of Uber, you still might want to consider joining Lyft. The reason: Uber surge pricing. Sometimes, when you need to get from point A to point B at a high-demand time (think prime party time), you might face a hefty surge pricing multiplier. Instead of paying double, or even triple, what you would normally pay, just switch over to Lyft for the night and enjoy a free ride. Even as a loyal Uber customer, it's convenient to have a comparable alternative to Uber just in case the lighting bolt of surge pricing strikes you unawares.

5.  Getting to Class!

When you just don't feel like walking all the way to G Street (in the cold!) for that 8am Calculus recitation, don't worry! Just sneak in a few more minutes of sleep, call a free Lyft, get to class, and treat yourself to a latte for not skipping.

6.  Exploring DC!

DC is full of museums, monuments, and historical sites. For those that are not metro accessible or out of walking distance, take a free Lyft and check them out! Head over to the Renwick Gallery (which features free admission!) and gaze up at the mesmerizing art installations on the ceilings or get lost in a maze of sapling sculptures. If you still haven't been to the Newseum yet, it's the perfect distance for your free $10 ride, and now is your chance.

7.  Taking a Nap!

Believe me, this one is going to sound better and better as the semester continues. Keep sleeping for now, and call a Lyft to get where you’ve got to go.

8.  Getting Home Safely!

Let's set the tone: you've spent the whole day tirelessly searching DC for those elusive miracle berry fruit tablets (because you need to know what it would be like to bite into a lemon and only taste sweetness!) but you end up in some random corner of DC alone at night. Option one: walk back home through the night, alone, clutching your miracle berry fruit tablets in the moonlight. Option two: call a Lyft, get in the car with an awesome driver who happens to double as a lemon grower, break out the miracle tablets and the lemons, taste the sweet lemons with a new friend, and make it back home just in time to watch the new season premiere of Teen Wolf. Achievement unlocked.

9.  A Quick Getaway!

You never know when your humble game of hide and seek on the National Mall will turn into a full-fledged manhunt and you'll need to use anonymous transportation to sneakily escape to your safe house. Channel your inner 007 and call that Lyft.           

10.  Win the Lottery!

Well, not exactly. It's actually better than the lottery. Why? Because you have an 1-in-1 chance of getting $50 worth of free transportation if you download Lyft now and use the code GWWIB. This not only benefits you, but it also passes on $10 to the GW Women in Business organization to help strengthen, foster, and grow the professional female community at GW.

But it doesn't stop there folks! If you share the GWWIB code with all your friends and they share it with all their friends and so on, then all these people will each get $50 worth of free rides as well. And eventually, wouldn't that total be greater than the winning jackpot? Challenge accepted.