Woman of the Week 11/2: Youli Zou

By: Eman Salem, GWWIB Ambassador

Youli Zou is an award-winning academic writer, Assistant Professor of Accountancy at the George Washington University, mother-to-be, and inspirational woman in business. After she graduated from Peking University, China with a Bachelor's degree in Finance, Zou went on to pursue her Masters in Economics from the University of Guelph in Canada. In 2013, Zou completed her Ph.D in Accounting at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada. In addition to achieving an academic record of the highest caliber, Zou has had her work published in the Journal of Accounting and Economics and her scholarly paper, "Strategic Entry Decisions, Accounting Signals, and Risk Management Disclosure," earned her the 2015 AAA Competitive Manuscript Award and 2014 FARS Best Dissertation Award. Currently, Zou teaches Introduction to Financial Accounting at GW.


What do you think helped shape your success?

"The way I was raised. Both of my parents were teachers and they never said I couldn't do something because I'm a girl. They were very encouraging."


What advice might you have for women entering the business world?

"Do not treat yourself differently from men. Sometimes people don't take you seriously, so you have to fight harder. Women are good at communicating ideas and being friendly, this can give women an edge over men."


What inspires you to overcome the challenges you encounter while pursuing your goals?

"I love running. Every time you want to stop, you must keep going. Every time I hit my limit, I just have to overcome it. You can't easily give up."