Woman of the Week 10/19: Pegi Ylli

By: Erin Fitpatrick, GWWIB's Alumnae Relations Director

As a senior at GWU, Pegi Ylli served as the President of GWWIB from 2013 to 2014. Upon graduating with degrees in Economics and International Affairs, with a minor in Spanish, Pegi began working for The World Bank. 

What do you do with The World Bank? 

"I'm currently living in Vienna, Austria, and I work for The World Bank as an Operations Assistant/ Consultant."

What do you feel you gained from being such an active GWWIB member?

"I was in GWWIB for three years and some of my favorite moments were during my senior year when I served as President. I loved working with my e-board because we had a group of such motivated, successful, and diverse young women. One of my favorite times was the day of the Spring Conference in April 2014 when we saw the product of what we had been working so hard on for the past months come to life. Everything flowed well, it was so colorful and innovative, and everyone seemed happy!"

What is your advice to college-aged women looking to grow in their careers? 

"My advice to girls in college applying for jobs and internships is to keep an open mind and try new things. Stay calm under pressure and everything will work out for the best!"